Best Spray Oil for Air Fryer

Slightly oiling the snacks and greasing the air fryer’s pans using spray oil for Air Fryers proves to be really helpful in making the food yummy and crispy and prevents it from drying out. Using the right kind of oil in the air fryer and one with a suitable container would go a long way. People usually find the deep fried food more delicious than the air fried one, and to give it a touch of deep frying, we add a little splash of oil.

The quantity of oil varies according to the food you are cooking. You don’t need too much oil for fries and all kinds of frozen food. It is better to have a spray bottle for spraying oil in the food kept in the air fryer so that a moderate quantity of oil will be sprayed instead of too much of it. Air fryer cooking spray is a need for all fryer users, which must be fulfilled.

What is the purpose of using spray oil in an air fryer?
Best Spray Oil for Air Fryer

Most of the air fryer owners are found in confusion and question customer support “Can I use cooking spray in an air fryer? Yes, you surely can use cooking spray in the air fryer to keep the food moist; preventing it from drying out or burning at high temperatures of the air fryer is the main purpose of using the best type of spray oil in the air fryer. Using the non-stick spray for air fryers will really be a good decision for a beginner who has just become an air fryer owner. Beginners should do all the necessary research to know about the best nonstick sprays for air fryers. The use of the best cooking sprays for air fryers is similar to the use of oil sprays.

Use of Nonstick cooking sprays For Air Fryer

Using nonstick cooking sprays keeps the food particles from sticking to the sides of the bottom of the air fryer. The food stays smooth while cooking because the greasing done with the nonstick cooking spray prevents any sort of burns on your food, and it will be crispy enough.

Spraying the non-stick spray is another way of frying the food with a minimal amount of greasing, and this will result in a prominent decrease in the number of fats and calories.

Most recommended Oil for Air Fryer.

A long list of oils exists which can be used in cooking food in an air fryer. I suggest you use the most healthy form of oil for cooking food. The use of canola oil and extra virgin olive oil is the most common, but using avocado oil is also considered healthy. These oils are super health friendly with zero percentage of harmful chemicals or agents. Pure oils will help in making the food more yummy. Go for the oils which have high smoking points.

Best Spray Oil for Air Fryer

An air fryer oil sprayer would be really helpful in using the oil bottles in the kitchen. If you have to drizzle or squeeze the oil, it will make some sort of mess in the air fryer, which you have to clean later. But if you are careful while using the air fryer oil spray, then you do not have to deal with any kind of oil splashes later on. So you must go for

  • Canola oil
  • Avocado oil
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Sesame oil
  • Peanut oil
  • Grape seed oil

Can we use Canola Oil in an Air Fryer?

Using canola oil is a habit of people who like to have more hygienic food. Canola oil is lightweight and super easy to digest. Canola oil retains a high smoke point and is considered a versatile cooking oil for your food. This oil is even used in grilling and baking as a top priority of most of the chiefs. Canola oil is an all-purpose oil and is even used in pan frying.

Using canola is safe for your air fryer. Most people prefer to use canola oil rather than any other kind of fancy sprays and oils. You just have to drizzle some oil over your snacks, spray a little on the pan, and you are good to go for air frying. Canola oil is also among the best spray oil for air fryers.


It contains excess healthy fat, which is monounsaturated fat

Rich in vitamins E and K

It provides a healthy quantity of lipid

It reduces the risk of inflammation


High risks of Alzheimer, obesity, and heart diseases

Minor memory loss

High ratio of chemicals

Avocado Oil Spray for Air Fryer

Oil Spray for Air Fryer

One of the finest oils to be used in the Air Fryer is the Avocado oil spray. The oil is free of fats as it is unsaturated, and also, the smoke point at which the oil starts burning is very high for Avocado oil. The flavor provided to the food by the avocado oil is very slight and neutral, and therefore, it is super safe to use this oil for your food in the air fryer.


A high percentage of Oleic acid

It contains fat-soluble Vitamins

Reduces the quantity of LDL Cholesterol


Causes allergic reactions like redness and itching

It can cause sunburn and skin damage

Leads to vomiting

Use Olive oil spray in the air fryer.

After the avocado oil, extra virgin olive oil is most suitable for cooking your food as it is heart-healthy. The best benefit of using olive oil spray is enhancing the flavor of the snacks. It maintains the texture and balances the juice and crispy level of the food accordingly. The use of evo oil is a second priority because of its slightly low smoking point.


Cardiovascular health is promoted

Supports and makes the memory and brain healthy

Strengthens the bones


A little bit more expensive than the others

Possesses low smoke point

It can cause rashes for the babies

Can we use Sesame oil for the Air Fryer?

For sauteing and frying veggies and other snacks, sesame oil is the most healthy oil to go for. Sesame oil is available in both light and dark colors, and you must use the lighter one for a good and mild flavor in your food.


Contains antioxidants

Protects skin from sun damage

Provides heart health benefits


Contains a large number of calories

Causes weight gain

Causes low blood pressure and sugar level

What are the best Oil Spray bottles for Air frying?

Oil Spray for Air Fryer

The best oil spray bottles for air fryers are refillable ones. The spray bottles must be made of plastic and easy to squeeze. You can refill the oil in these bottles and use them all the time. You must keep the bottles clean or wash them before refilling the bottles. To decide which oil sprays are best to use, you must go through the following tips:

The sprays having chemicals in them, like the propellant pumps, are harmful to the health because of the chemicals. More of these sprays cause damage to the color and texture of the basket. These sprays will ruin your air fryer’s inner components. Avoid the bottles which require too much pumping to get the oil.

You must go for the sprays that have good material pumps, or you even can go for the spritzer that will provide you with the most crispy food in the end. Evo oil sprayers and pump-style glass bottle sprayers are the most bought air fryer oil spray bottles.

Smoke Points of the best Nonstick Sprays for Air Fryer

The temperature at which the cooking sprays for air fryers start making smoke in the air fryer is the smoke points of these nonstick cooking sprays and the spray oil used in the air fryers. You must go through thorough research and choose those non stick sprays and the spray oil which have high smoking points, like the avocado oil spray.

How to know that my air fryer needs oil?

Not all the recipes made in the air fryer need oil, but most of them surely do. Cooking in the air fryer is quite tricky sometimes, and you must know about all the tips and tricks. If you are using frozen items in your air fryer, then there is no need to use oil, but in other cases, oil should be a compulsion. Using some lubrication will also protect the coating of the basket and the other air fryer components from getting damaged by heat.

Replacement for the Air Fryer Oil Sprays

In case you do not own a cooking spray or spray oil for the air fryer, you can simply brush the oil on your snacks and cooking pans. Drench the brush in the oil and then coat it on the pan, and you will be good to go cooking in your air fryer.

Bottom Line

Choosing the best spray oil for Air Fryer and suitable spray bottles is an essential part of making your cooking easier. I personally prefer the use of olive oil.

You must avoid the use of PAM cooking sprays as these are harmful to your health due to chemical agents and can also damage your gadget. Try to use oil in super small quantities, just a little splash or sprinkle over the food. After using oil in the air fryer, you should ensure to clean it up using paper towels and tissues and remove all the greasiness from the components of the air fryer.

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