Heating caramelized chicken tenders in the air fryer.



Chicken tenders are a versatile appetizer that people love as a feast meal. Reheating tender chicken in the air fryer is a worthwhile task. That is not only a time-saving kitchen gadget. But also provides you with a non-messy kitchen environment.

Making frozen chicken crispy by reheating it in the microwave oven or stove is difficult. But you don’t need to worry. You can easily do this process in an air fryer. Like an air fryer, first tenders your frozen chicken and then cooks it.

But if you already have tenderized chicken, it becomes a much easier task. For this, you only have to marinate the chicken a little. But this marinating process is essential in the entire cooking. If you don’t do this carefully, the top of the chicken won’t be crispy.

Is an air-fryer a game changer?

It is the only kitchen appliance that easily reheats chicken tenders repeatedly. It even uses radiant heat instead of oil. And makes a smooth layer on the chicken. Also, it builds delightful flavors in meat while heating. That makes it a game-changer.

The air fryer creates a crispy crust and juicy trough on chicken tenders as an air fryer circulates hot air in order with a fan inside. As well as it works on your given temperature. So, there is no risk of overcooking or drying out while heating chicken tenders.

Remarkable components!

We are not actually cooking here. All we have to do is bring the pre-cooked meat back to its original form. And that’s why we don’t need more ingredients in the reheating process. It doesn’t allow the chicken to dry out at all.

But you still need some components for the heating procedure. That includes:

  • Extra virgin olive oil/Air fryer spray oil
  • Salt/Kosher salt
  • Hot sauce and soy sauce
  • Powdered chili
  • Large size container
  • Small brush (optional)
  •  Remaining chicken tender strips

The extra virgin olive oil caramelizes the chicken tenders very well. In contrast, salt is a compulsory ingredient for the seasoning of chicken. Also, it makes the absorption of spices easy.

Reheating procedure!

You have to do a little seasoning only before reheating. Firstly, turn the switch off the air fryer on. Fix its temperature at 375°F as the air fryer takes 2-3 minutes for preheating. Like, it first takes air from outside. And then filter it and heat it to the temperature you will give.

Light seasoning:

All you have to do in the seasoning process is use oil, salt, and spices. Firstly, add 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil in a large container. Secondly, sprinkle ½ tablespoon kosher salt in oil. If you have no kosher salt, then add a simple one.

We prefer kosher salt due to its less salty nature. However, it is used to enhance flavors in chicken rather than to become bitter. Thirdly, add 1 tablespoon of hot sauce and ½ tablespoon of soy sauce. These sauces develop spice in chicken tender strips.  

Lastly, shred the powdered chili in the mixture. And whisk it with the help of a blender. As a blender, make your mixture smooth and even. Now, your mixture is ready. So, add the chicken tenders to the prepared material.

Apply the material on the chicken strips with a brush. If you feel uncomfortable using a brush, use your hand to rub the material.

Air-frying reheating stage:

Make sure your air fryer is preheated before doing this step . As it makes the reheating process faster. And your dish becomes ready within 5 minutes only. This process of reheating is also used for other dishes like frozen toasters and burritos.

Chicken tenders

All you have to do is follow our steps exactly, that includes:

  • Take your seasoned chicken. Place it on an air fryer plate. The setting of the chicken in air fryer must be in a sequence. Don’t place one piece on another. It affects the crispiness of chicken tenders. So, be careful.
  •  Now, change the temperature and set it to 320°F. That is almost equal to 160°C. This temperature range is perfect for reheating the chicken.
  •  After 3 minutes, flip the chicken tenders and air fry them for 2 minutes.
  •  Now, take the chicken tenders out from the air fryer. And set in a bowl.
  • Finally, your snacks are ready. Enjoy them!

But you have to focus on some tips. That makes your chicken fingers most delicious. But if you ignore these tips, your dish may be undercooked.

Tips while reheating!

Guys! You have well observed how air fryer makes chicken crispy and juicy. It’s all because of your focus on the dish. And it would be best if you considered these tips to make your focus.

  • You should spray the oil for 1 minute before reheating. By doing this, the chicken absorbs more flavors. As a result, you get a thick, crispy topping.
  •  Never use high temperature during air frying. By doing this, your crunch will be pleasing. But the chicken will not be cooked from the inside. And the juicy flavors inside dries up.
  •  Make sure the chicken fingers are cooked from all sides. So, always flip them after 2 to 3 minutes during air frying.
  •   Always use a meat thermometer to estimate the temperature of chicken tenders. You can easily use it in an air fryer.
  •  If you want to add more spices to this recipe, you can add them. But not more than a spoonful. As such, chicken absorbs flavors to a certain extent. If it is too much, the chicken will lose its nutrition.

How much can we reheat chicken tenders?

Chicken tenders have a lot of variations. That includes frozen chicken tenders, fritter-style chicken, and pre-browned chicken. So, first of all, it depends on some factors. Which type of chicken do you want to reheat? What is the thickness of chicken tenders?

Chicken Tenders

No matter what kind of chicken it is, you’ll only reheat it for 5 minutes. But the marinating process will take a different time. The longer the chicken rests in seasoning, the better it cooks. The ingredients used to marinate them will also change.

Storage of remaining chicken tenders:

The procedure for storing leftover chicken tenders is simple. But make sure they are fresh. And when will you use them next time? 

Like, if you don’t need them for 4 to 5 days, you can place them in the freezer. Your chicken will be safe. As a freezer, the temperature ranges up to 0 degrees Fahrenheit. That lies between -16 degrees Celsius and -18 degrees Celsius.

And if you want to use the chicken fingers in the next 2 to 3 days, place them in the refrigerator. Always remember! Keep the chicken tenders at room temperature before freezing. And when they cool down, store them.

Purchase aluminum foils and use them to pack each chicken finger separately. After packing all the chicken tenders, place all the packets in a large container. And set it in the refrigerator.

How reheating chicken tenders in the air fryer is more beneficial?

An air fryer is a recent invention of Philips. That boosts up the cooking speed. As well as reheat the different snacks, including chicken tenders, pizzas, fries, and many others. An air fryer is still a perfect option to reheat the chicken tenders. Its reasons include:

  • Texture maintenance:

It cooks smoothly when you reheat the frozen chicken tender in an air fryer. Even the air-fryer builds a thick layer of crunch on the top of the chicken. That maintains and evens out its texture. Also, the air fryer heats the chicken entirely. That makes the air fried chicken juicy inside.

  •  No oil consumption:

An air fryer does not require oil to reheat chicken fingers. While chicken gets healthy nutrients. And you don’t have to deal with greasy dishes. Also, your hands remain clean even after eating this dish. Air-fryer food can be the best diet plan for anyone.

  • Food safety:

It may overcook or burn when you reheat a chicken fryer in the microwave or stove. As a result, a lot of food is wasted. But when you heat chicken tenders in a digital air fryer, it does not overcook or burn. Instead, it stops after the time you set. And your snacks remain safe.

  •  Charming flavors:

Air fryer builds yummy, delicious flavors in chicken tenders. That not only makes it juicy inside. But also provides a perfect crisp outside. As such, it produces flavors within a specific range. It’s not so spicy that your chicken loses its flavor. It’s not so mildly spicy that your chicken fingers become tasteless.


The air fryer reheats chicken tendons perfectly. That no one can beat such a delicious taste. The chicken tendon has many names in different regions. That includes chicken goujons, chicken strips, and chicken nuggets. So, if a nationalist consults you to prepare chicken tendons in his name, you don’t need to worry.

An air fryer is a time-saving and food-saving appliance. It heats the meal again and again. While a stove or microwave oven doesn’t.


Why does an air fryer not consume oil?

The air fryer uses radiant heat instead of oil. This makes a smooth layer on the chicken. It also builds delightful flavors in meat while heating. That makes it a game-changer.

How is high temperature not suitable for reheating?

Never use high temperature during air frying. By doing this, your crunch will be pleasing. But the chicken will not be cooked from the inside. And the juicy flavors inside dries up.


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