Bagel chips recipe air fryer

Bagel chips

You need the most mouth-watering snacking for a perfect and entertaining night. Either you enjoy it with your friends or cousins. Clearly everyone have cravings for yummy snacks in such meetups.  Now you can make your own at home with clean hands is helpful. Cook in hygienic conditions which is also great for everyone’s health. … Read more

Easy Air Fryer Crescent Roll Donuts Recipe-Cinnamon Sugar Coated Roll Donuts

Air fryer roll donuts

Appetizer like the Air Fryer Crescent roll donuts is an adorable way of serving tea. Serving it to your guests is the most subtle form of hospitality. Moreover, Air-fried crescent rolls are more accessible for desserts or snacks. These crescent roll donuts have a coating layer of cinnamon sugar. Due to this, every bite gets … Read more