Culinary Pleasure of making Trader Joe’s Falafel Mix Air Fryer

 Trader Joe’s Falafel Mix Air Fryer in the air fryer is the easiest recipe. This helps in making the perfect falafel at your own home. People usually search a lot to find a genuine homemade Falafel recipe. Since the day we got an introduction to the Trader Joe’s Falafel mix in Air Fryer, life has been sorted. Making Falafel mix, a Middle Eastern dish is a therapy. You can prepare the mixture and put it in the air fryer. The falafel gets heat inside and gets ready in a few minutes. While cooking in the air fryer, you do not have to compromise on taste. Moreover, your dish gets prepared in a very short time. You can call the falafel the golden delight, which is crispy air fryer recipe having crisp in every bite.

You need to know all the necessary ingredients to make this recipe. The convenience that comes with the use of an air fryer is unmatched. Get an expert in making this falafel, as this is an art.

Ingredients Required to make the Trader Joe’s Falafel Mix Air Fryer

Making the Falafel mix is a challenging task. But while you are making it in the air fryer, this recipe gets easier. The formula is a mixture of a bunch of flavors. Let’s jump into the list of ingredients to know the importance of each single one of them.

Water is a Major Ingredient Trader Joe’s Falafel Mix Air Fryer

The primary ingredient you need in this recipe is water only. This helps to make a dough of the falafel mix, and then your mix will get ready. You require one and a half cups of water. but adjusting the quantity according to your choice.

Falafel Mix Trader Joe’s Falafel Mix Air Fryer

As you are making falafel, it is evident that you need a falafel mix. You require two cups of the Falafel mix to follow up this Trader Joe’s recipe. Bring the two cups of the mixture to the shelf to proceed with the recipe.

Recipe to Make the Perfect Trader Joe’s Falafel Mix

A few of the steps are necessary to follow to come up with a perfect dish. Try to complete all of these, or you will end up with a blunder you didn’t expect.

falafel mix in air fryer

Preparing the Trader Joe’s Falafel Mix Air Fryer

Take a medium-sized bowl and add the Falafel mix to the bowl. Pour a suitable quantity of water into the bowl. Mix well using a spatula until a dough-like mixture is formed. After you have mixed, let it rest for at least 10-12 minutes.

Preparing the Trader Joe’s Falafel Mix Air Fryer

In the next step, try to brush the air fryer basket with oil. You can either use a brush. Or you can use a cooking spray for this lubrication. This prevents the sticking and burning of food

Making the Falafel balls or Patties Trader Joe’s Falafel Mix Air Fryer

Now, make small-sized patties just like patties of bison burgers out of the falafel mixture. Make them in an even size with smooth surfaces. You can also make balls. The shape depends upon your choice.

Cooking in the Trader Joe’s Falafel Mix Air Fryer

Put the Falafel balls in the air fryer tray and then turn on the air fryer. Preheating the air fryer before cooking anything is necessary. Cooking times in air fryer is the most crucial step. So, you try to preheat it to 380 degrees. Then, start cooking for almost  12-13 minutes.

Make sure you flip the patties in between cooking. The color of the cakes will change to a beautiful golden brown color. These will be crispy enough after some time. You only have to take them out of the air fryer tray.

Serving the Falafel Balls Trader Joe’s Falafel Mix Air Fryer

Serving the Trader Joe’s Falafel Balls should be all royal and classy. Put your favorite flavor of sauces aside and serve the falafel balls on the dinner table.

Versatile qualities of Trader Joe’s Falafel Mix Air Fryer

The Trader Joe’s Falafel mix is a versatile product that can lead to different recipes. Even the health-conscious and fitness freaks can use this mix in their recipes. You can make many snacks and food particles from this mix. Salads, wraps, and even protein bowls are all variations of the Falafel mix.

Making Falafel Wraps and Salads

Making the most modern falafel wraps would leave everyone surprised and impressed. It is one of the best air fryer snack you can have. Fashionable wraps are the last thing you can put on your dining table. This would attract all the children and youngsters sitting at the dining table. These falafel wraps are gluten-free and are, therefore, healthy for fitness freaks. You can use healthy ingredients like meat and vegetables in the wraps. For making salads, adding veggies and greens especially would be great. Salads are the best way of kick-starting your day. And if this includes the genuine Trader Joe’s falafel mix, then its nutritional importance is on another level.

Making Falafel Protein Bowls

Protein bowls with falafel mix in them are fun for health-conscious people. A bowl of proteins makes you energetic for the entire day. Add some fun to these daily salads instead of having the regular boring salads. You can add more ingredients to enhance your salads’ health benefits. This includes the avocados and fruits. Adding some spices like bell peppers and tomatoes would be great to make a yummy falafel salad. The sauces you add to the bowl of salads are all that make these salads edible. Falafel Protein bowls would be a great dish you have ever served on your dinner table.

Creating Delicious Meals with Falafel Mix

Making a number of recipes with the falafel mix is possible. Making the patties, the falafel balls, and protein bowls is therapeutic. A unique flavor is added when you add the falafel mix. Whipping up the falafel is a relatively easy task. This is a very effortless and time-saving recipe. Using falafel in any recipe would save much of your time when you make it in the air fryer. You can consider this falafel patties recipe as the most stylish pantry staple. If you are serving this dish to your guests, then you should do it in the most elegant way.

Moreover, if you have it on a regular day as a protein bowl, you can keep things more straightforward. The patty falafel recipe is just a three-step recipe that gets ready in no time. So, making such a classy brand like Trader Joe’s dish at home is common.


Is it okay to freeze uncooked falafel for later use?

Yes, freezing the falafel for later use would be okay. It would help if you made balls or patties out of the falafel mixture. Cover with the parchment paper or sheet to keep them secure. Wait for them to get solid. Once these are solid, you can remove them from the bowl or tray and put them in a plastic bag.

Why do we preheat the air fryer before cooking falafel?

Before cooking the falafel, preheating the air fryer is very necessary. Once you preheat the air fryer, the temperature becomes even. So, as a result, the food is uniformly cooked. This preheating helps to get the golden and crispy texture.

What is the benefit of cooking the falafel in the air fryer?

Other than the traditional cooking methods, using an air fryer to make falafel is healthier. This is an oil-free method with lesser loss of nutrients. You will get a low-calorie diet as a result of cooking this falafel mix in the air fryer.

You can also read some air fryer recipes cheese curd, toast, eggs.


For having a tremendous explosion of flavors and spices, Trader Joe’s falafel mix emerges as the best option. You can make a number of dishes using the falafel mix. Turning the smooth and enchanting mixture into the yummiest ever golden patties is a soothing recipe. This is the comfort of your kitchen that you get successful in every recipe you try out in your kitchen. Keep the condition hygienic, no matter what you are cooking. The first priority should be adding healthy ingredients to the falafel mix salads and wraps.

Try out the recipe to make the yummiest ever snacks for your dinner. These falafel patties will enhance the beauty of your dining table when you serve them with sauces. It would help if you collected the praise from everyone sitting at the table about your efforts. Putting your heart and soul into your recipe pays off in the end, that too with the most convenient use of air fryers.


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